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NISEPACK has specialized as a supplier of sustainable products. Since its formation, the goal has been to be a cost-effective alternative to single-use plastic.

Our productions are located in Europe and makes it possible for us to respond more flexibly and precisely to the wishes of our customers and partners. At NISEPACK, sustainability begins with production, continues with the recycled raw material and extends to the shorter transport routes of the products to the end customer. The cooperation of these components makes a product sustainable.

For a long time it was possible for only large companies to have their packaging individually designed and manufactured. But NISEPACK has set itself the goal of making it possible for every company.

True to our motto: Sustainability for EVERYONE.

With a unique concept for its customers and partners:

• Advisory
• Design & Development
• Innovative & creative solutions
• Optimization
• Manufacturing & Delivery

Our aim is to offer constant or improved quality with short delivery times. Because NISEPACK relies on long-term and good cooperation with its customers and partners.

For a clean planet.